Collect knowledge, mark your moments, claim back your team's time from meetings.

We enable teams to conduct meetings in a new way by capturing an individual's context providing a brand new experience. While thoughts and notes are shared, we capture them and index everything. We then allow your team to search and access important knowledge and further enhance it.

Recordings can then be shared with other team members who can get access to team knowledge without even participating in the original meetings, claiming back precious time.

Acrossio for meetings is a new experience

Business video conferencing collaboration Acrossio

You Meet

Whether you're online, in a conference room, catching up at a coffee house, or anywhere you have an internet connection, start your online meeting in Acrossio easily.

Purposefully collaborate on a project, plan a product launch, develop code, interview a candidate, or even teach a class.

Acrossio web meeting free

We Record

Acrossio records your meeting, capturing everything you and your team believe is valuable.

While you’re in a session, Acrossio captures your video chat, live comments, personal bookmarks, uploaded documents, images, and team task assignments.

Social bookmarking software Acrossio

You Contextualize

While you’re in a session, capturing your thoughts via personal bookmarks, live comments, and team task assignments brings your context into play.

Acrossio indexes all this context yielding meaningful search results. This is how you can return to important points in the conversation with pinpoint accuracy.

Getting things done Acrossio

You Share

Be a hero... Help your team and associates learn from your expertise by sharing recorded sessions. They’ll get your help when they need it without distracting you from your current tasks. Say it once use it often.

Drive people's attention to a moment in the conversation by mentioning them in the comments. Each of these are indexed and assigned permalinks for instant playback.​

Project plan Acrossio

You Enhance & Comment

Remember everything... Capture team ideas, actions, comments and anything you share. What used to get lost in the minutes of endless meetings, now becomes your team’s collective knowledge.

While you and your team share thoughts, bookmarks and comments, Acrossio captures all associated context. Learning today in order to suggest and deliver actionable intelligence tomorrow.​

Acrossio video chat futureofwork

Everyone Searches

Everybody having access to conversations and meetings can search and discover specific moments in a session’s timeline. Not only can you find the particular meeting but also at what point you discussed an important topic.

Even though the meeting has ended, you can add a comment and mention one or more people in order to continue the discussion.

Ready to make your team meetings unforgettable?

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