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The new way of conducting, capturing and capitalizing on team meetings

Free meeting social collaboration software

Your meetings should be more than just going through the motions. Capture team ideas, add context, build collective knowledge and let Acrossio turn it to actionable intelligence. Join with your team or company and create a private company network.

Designed for team leaders or company heads who want to get more productivity, collaboration and accountability out of their team.

So how does it work?

Search People to discover subject matter experts. Acrossio utilizes member data to find the best fit. View their profile, current status, sessions you have in common before asking them to share their experience and advice.

Once you identify the best available person, start an instant video chat session to connect with them. Record the session so you can share it with others you believe can benefit from the knowledge exchange. If the person isn't online, request a session via SMS and start a voice chat session via their mobile phone. You can record this session as well.

Never let an exchange of knowledge go to waste. Local, online or mobile… Everything is indexed and saved. Acrossio captures the full context of recorded discussion by indexing them.

Get to a resolution faster. Why chat when you can video-chat. Frustrated chatting on Slack and not getting to a resolution? Start an Acrossio video chat session to capture the full context and spirit of a discussion.

Get organized using Acrossio Groups

Groups help teams conduct, manage and share effective meetings. Similar to channels, teams make it easy to engage with people who have common interests and goals.

Groups are only limited by your needs and imagination. They can be set for executive discussions, project management, software development projects, employee onboarding, employee training, marketing campaign planning or execution.

Group visibility can be set on a team, company or group member basis. They can be formed by private invitation or made public, allowing your connections to request to join in.

Groups give your team the flexibility to collaborate and engage with members while maintaining privacy at the level most appropriate for the circumstance. Social collaboration and engagement at its best.

What can you do with your team on Acrossio?

Put your team into hyper drive:

  • Collaborate and manage projects using a virtual team of employees and independent contractors.
  • Collaborate on developing new code.
  • Strategic planning made easy – capture and index everything your team dreams up.
  • Describe a great idea in a self-recording and share it with people in your team.
  • Add value to your knowledgebase by bookmarking, indexing and sharing existing content such as YouTube, Video, MP4s and MP3s and share with your team.
  • Train one person and share the training with the rest of the team.
  • Interview candidates and share your experience with your hiring team.

Get more productivity and better team collaboration in a private Acrossio space. The opportunities are endless.

For a limited time - Get a 1 Year Free subscription for you and your team now

No credit card needed

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