Our Vision

We have the vision of establishing Acrossio as the most disruptive technology of a Brave New World of knowledge in the upcoming new #futureofwork era. We ‘ll do that by combining Human Context and Machine Learning to help people capture knowledge and keep track of ideas, opportunities and risks during and after their work and professional discussions, or academia lectures. We will drive the future of work with assisted AI inside our new Knowledger product of Acrossio platform. Through further development and evolution of our built-in Machine Learning, we envision Knowledger by Acrossio to revolutionize knowledge in business and education

Our Mission

We are now an AI company with a mission to detect, capture & keep track of #Ideas #Opportunities and #Risks in high stakes discussions transforming them into collective knowledge & actionable intelligence

Our Story

We came from a background of enterprise collaboration tools where meetings were one of the sources of knowledge and decisions but were the most hated work interaction because they were wasting people’s time when not done right.

Lots of people are still dragged today into meetings without really needing to be there. They are not focused during those meetings and thus lose productivity and precious time, they are confused on what is to be done after a meeting and sometimes they are just present in a discussion only to sync up with other members.
Executives and Managers are the people usually involved in high stakes discussions, yet 35% - 50% of their work time, or around 15% of an organization’s time is still spent in meetings (on average 62 meetings per month).
They consider more than 67% of meetings to be failures (50% of meetings attended considered time wasted) for mainly the following reasons :

  • Optional participants are dragged in.
  • Clear and trackable action items are not always set up.
  • Key points are not captured.
  • Certain people can monopolize the discussion.
  • Focus is lost, as discussion moves to different topics.

Yet, the tech industry has failed to provide an answer to this, until now.
The tech industry was using the wrong medicine until now, by simply trying to fix the behavioral reasons (meeting agenda, assistants, to do tasks, bots). But how can anyone remember and find CONTEXT, the who, what, when, where and how?

While trying to fix the “context” problem, we started using human assisted context to capture knowledge from collaboration and other general meetings done locally or over video/audio chat.

Capturing major discussion concepts (like ideas opportunities and risks) and keeping track of them while being able to share the collective knowledge produced by such conversations was not happening by conventional meeting and collaborative tools.

Today Acrossio, records and indexes the video chat to user comments, bookmarks, file shares, screen share, tasks, links and the like directly on the cloud. The recorded content and context is transformed into team’s collective knowledge and is then transformed into enterprise intelligence. We extended this functionality to already existing company content. Context is added during and after these discussions through users adding chat, bookmarks, comments, mentions, tasks and the like (in the form of contextual elements) in the stream of the recorded sessions. We’re now using our Technology and building Knowledger to extract semantically rich information and deliver most relevant discovery.
This shall be further enhanced through the continued development and use of more AI and Machine Learning methods in our Knowledger product built on Acrossio platform.

Context & sentiment (machine automatic transcription and human via assistive UI and integrations) will be the way to return amazing value to people and teams who use Knowledger and help them :

  • Retain collective knowledge for the Company
  • Produce actionable intelligence for execs
  • Deliver insights users want, the way they want it
  • Claim back wasted time (esp. for millennials)
  • Help people do their work better faster easier

On top of our new Knowledger product, our beta users will continue using Acrossio platform to application domains where they see significant impact::

On top of our new Knowledger product, our beta users will continue using Acrossio platform to application domains where they see significant impact::

  • Internal sales and marketing team meetings especially in distributed global teams.
  • Design Thinking business and creative teams following the relevant methodologies.
  • Software engineering teams especially agile ones where context is lost during the short chat messages exchanged in chat platforms like Slack, HipChat, etc.
  • External facing discussions with customers or partners during the requirement collection (sales and technical teams).
  • Talent Interview process where notes and bookmarks can justify decisions and shared across the HR and senior Exec teams.
  • Board meetings in Public companies where note taking is sometimes not enough to convey context (especially ones that include remote participation).
  • Medical collaboration and advisory cases and many other cases since the solution can be horizontally applied.