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Context-augmented Intelligence Platform for product hunters

We combine human context and AI to detect and keep track of ideas, opportunities and risks and assign deliverables across your entire team by recording, transcribing and analysing high stakes discussions.

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Engange even if you missed a meeting

Find information, refer to important points and enhance what was said

Record & transcribe your meetings

Record & transcribe your meetings

Record everything: video, voice, screen and chat. Keep notes by placing timestamped bookmarks, risks, opportunities, ideas and tasks. Share your screen, documents and links.

Search meetings

Search meetings and easily locate points of interest. Find what you’re seeking both in meetings you participated in and those shared with you. It's as simple as find, click and play.
Search meetings
Analyze conversations

Replay, engage & share

Replay and enhance recordings with new bookmarks, risks, opportunities, ideas and tasks. Engage with others in conversations by commenting on any recorded element.

Fully integrated with Slack

Launch meetings from Slack

Acrossio and Slack
When typed conversations are just not enough to get your point across; Acrossio lets you hold intelligent online video meetings. Yes! Now you can search and discover golden nuggets in your meetings not just your Slack chat history.

Enhance existing video content

Extract knowledge and make videos searchable

Acrossio and Slack

Mark Risks, Opportunities, Ideas, add Bookmarks and Tasks, and collaborate based on legacy meeting recordings or other web videos. Discover "aha moments" and share and collaborate with your team.

Collaborate and record anywhere

Record to the cloud and replay anywhere

Acrossio and Slack

Collaboration takes place either in your WebRTC powered browser, or through Zoom. Recording is done in real time on the cloud. Integrations with more tools (skype, webex) coming soon!