Just-in time peer learning for fast-moving business challenges

In the fast moving business world, it is almost impossible to plan what employees should learn until they notice a knowledge gap during work. Satisfying your organisation’s shifting learning needs has become extremely important, but very challenging.

There is a hidden secret!

Training is not practical for your employee's urgent needs

Like all good companies, you have invested in the best learning materials and technology to make sure your employees get the appropriate learning and development support. You hope this will help your organisation work better and smarter.

However, the know-how every employee needs is not delivered in learning materials. The most practical and useful knowledge they can get is from their colleagues.

Yes, employees are keen to learn from their peers; understanding how their colleagues complete similar projects, how they deal with similar clients, and how they tackle similar challenges.

Good advice from colleagues with relevant experience is priceless!

Missing Piece
The missing piece of the puzzle: Just-in-time peer learning

What is missing in your current learning initiatives is just-in-time peer learning.

So, what is just-in-time peer learning? In essence, it is about helping your employees to get the right knowledge from the right colleagues at the right time.

Yes, people are sharing know-how via emails, exchanging thoughts in the hallways and posting questions on forums

But, there is a much more efficient and scalable way to help employees identify the right internal domain experts, connect them for peer learning at the appropriate time, and with effective virtual learning and communication tools.

Do you want to unlock the hidden knowledge within your workforce for even better business performance? With Acrossio, you can!

Simple steps to automate just-in-time peer learning

Just-in-time peer learning is not just a nice concept. It can encourage better collaboration, idea sharing and innovation in your organisation. But how to facilitate peer learning? We have built Acrossio to make the whole process simple for you and your employees.

Expert Recommendation

Expert Recommendation

We aggregate information about your employees in order to understand their skills, their previous projects, their availability and more. By doing that, we can recommend relevant internal domain experts to your employee who is in urgent need of helpful advice for her work. All she needs to do is choose the person she would like to approach, and we will connect them at the expert’s available time.

Real time learning

Real time peer learning

Once connected, we provide the colleagues with essential communication and collaboration tools for a smooth and efficient peer learning lesson.

Knowledge capture

Knowledge capture & Re-use

Knowledge that is shared during the peer learning session can be easily captured. The captured knowledge can be edited, curated and shared with other employees.

Since new training materials are generated by your employees, they are tailored to your business and therefore much more practical and useful than 3rd party learning materials. The cost of generating this type of training material is much lower too.

Analytics - Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

We also offer you analytics reports. These help you to monitor peer learning activities within your organisation, motivate everyone to share their knowledge, and see how peer learning increases business performance.


Bad news
Bad news!
We're not ready just yet

We are not publicly launched yet. However, you still have the chance to use our service for just-in-time peer learning before anyone else.