Unlock knowledge within your workforce for better collaboration and exceptional performance

Acrossio helps your employees to share knowledge and get help from each other in real time. We then turn those great conversations into shareable and re-usable knowledge for your company

Simple steps to building a better sharing culture

Just-in-time peer learning is not just a nice concept. It can encourage better collaboration, idea sharing and innovation in your organization. But how to facilitate peer learning? We have built Acrossio to make the whole process simple for you and your employees.

Expert Recommendation

Save employees time on finding the right people to collaborate with

We aggregate information about your employees in order to understand their skills, their previous projects, their availability and more. By doing that, we can recommend relevant internal domain experts to your employee who is in urgent need of helpful advice. All she needs to do is choose the person she would like to approach, and we will connect them.

Real time learning

Best sharing and collaboration experience integrated in one place, in real-time

Acrossio intelligently connects colleagues at convenient times. Once connected, we provide them with essential communication and collaboration tools for a smooth and efficient sharing session. Our toolsets includes the best web conferencing, telephony and collaboration tools. Your employees will love the friendly user-interface. 

Knowledge capture

Valuable knowledge from your best employees is captured and re-used

Knowledge that is shared during the session is easily captured. The captured knowledge can be edited, curated and then shared with other employees.

Since new knowledge materials are generated by your employees, they are tailored to your business and therefore much more practical and useful than 3rd party learning materials or manuals. That is the power of Social Knowledge.

Analytics - Reporting

Powerful analytics help you easily monitor and motivate sharing activities

We also offer you analytics reports. These help you to monitor sharing and collaboration activities within your organization, and motivate everyone to share their knowledge. You can see how cross-department sharing increases business performance and has a positive impact on your company culture.


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