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Everything's in the browser.

Just log in using your Chrome or Firefox browser and you're ready to go. All recordings are conducted and stored directly in the cloud.

Skip the learning curve.

Get ready in minutes using our simple and intuitive on-boarding process. Test your camera and microphone prior to the meeting and you're all set. Start your sessions on time without technical delays.

Meetings are Fast and Friendly

One click starts it all.

Meet, plan, and share ideas in the best online meeting and team collaboration software you’ve ever used. Ask for help, collaborate on a project, plan a product launch, develop code, interview a candidate, or teach a class all at the touch of one button.

Anyone can stop/start recording.

Wondering where the pause button went on your meeting app?

Some things just need to be "off the record," so we democratized the RECORD button so that anyone can start or stop the recording.​

Record Meeting Acrossio
Context app meeting minutes Acrossio

Highlight the good stuff using contextual elements.

During the meeting chat comments are visible to all participants so anyone can share their thoughts.

Session bookmarks are a way for you to highlight something you feel is important. They're private during the meeting but become public to participants at playback.

You can assign a #TASK or @mention any participant at any time in any contextual element.

Paste a permalink, hyperlink or an image. ​All users may share their screen. Share any document from Google Drive or DropBox. Best of all, those documents maintain their permissions.

Get excited when you receive a session summary at the end of the session with all of your @mentions and all tasks assigned during the meeting. And yes, all contextual elements include a permalink back to that specific part of the session.​

Intelligent Search and Discover

Find the exact place and time.

Stop wasting your time trying to remember where you made a decision or discussed a subject.

Search bookmarks, tasks, chat, file sharing and screen sharing, all in their original context. Acrossio pinpoints your subject matter fast using timestamped permalinks.

Context is everything Acrossio futureofwork
Team communication Acrossio

Get to the right people.

Search People to discover which connections have the skills, experience and advice you need. View their profile, current status, sessions you have in common and more... Acrossio utilizes member data to find the best fit.

And we're enhancing Acrossio's search and discovery capabilities every day. Today Acrossio is learning... Tomorrow it will be suggesting.

For a limited time, Acrossio is free for teams of all sizes.

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Ideas Continue to Evolve

Never reschedule another meeting again.

We've all been to meetings where the key decision maker or an important team member couldn't make it at the last minute. But instead of rescheduling the meeting or worse, wasting everyone's time by holding it without the key players, now those people can weigh in on the conversation after a session's over.

They simply play back the captured session and add their comments and bookmarks to the discussion. They can also drive the discussion forward by adding #Tasks along with @Mentions.

Free collaboration software Acrossio

Share Anything

Share anything Acrossio

Share knowledge with one person or your entire team.

Your team wins by using its expertise to make decisions and solve problems. Now you can share a meeting recording with a person or group. This collective knowledge helps everyone find answers even when someone's not available.

Drive the conversation with permalinks.

And sharing goes deeper than that. Highlight a specific moment by adding a Comment, #Task or Bookmark to an existing session.

Use “@” to mention anyone and automatically invite them to view specific parts of the timeline. Those permalinks can be shared in Slack, Yammer, email or your favorite chat tool. You can even add permalinks from one session to another.

Organize Using Groups

Organize your teams into groups.

Groups help teams conduct, manage, and share effective meetings. They make it easy to engage with people who have common interests and goals.

Groups can be visible to everyone in your team, company network or only visible to group members. They can be formed by private invitation or made public, allowing your connections to request to join in.

Team communication Acrossio

For a limited time, Acrossio is free for teams of all sizes.

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Stay Connected via Windows Desktop App

Desktop Screen sharing software Acrossio

Option to have the browser open.

The Windows desktop app runs on your Windows computer, keeping you logged onto Acrossio. Change your current status from online to busy to do not disturb or even appear offline.

Never miss a meeting.

The Windows desktop app gives you access to your alerts and messages. Click on the View in browser tab and it launches your browser ready to start a meeting or anything else you need. 

Integrate Your Favorite Apps

Acrossio Integrations Slack Yahoo Google Yammer Vimeo Youtube Dropbox Linkedin

Meeting online has never been easier… We're on a mission to enhance your productivity by plugging into the business collaboration software you use every day. Acrossio's a productivity platform that acts as the glue between your favorite communication, collaboration, and meeting applications.

For a limited time, Acrossio is free for teams of all sizes.

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